Hello, it’s me…


At the beginning of this year I started this blog and at first I had all these ideas for different posts and was constantly feeling inspired to come up with new content. Not just once would I get to bed only to get back up a few minutes later to reach for my laptop in order to frantically type up a new blog post.

But as life goes the initial thrill wore off at some point and I didn’t know what to write about. My mind was just blank. For fear of producing something that might not feel well thought out or in (at least) some way valuable for anyone reading I stopped. I stopped and the weeks went by. Safe to say, perfectionism won this one.

To be honest the past few months have been really challenging. Mentally as well as physically. Call me woo woo but I felt those huge astronomical changes. Big times. And even now, I still feel some changes happening right as we speak.

But the thing is that I miss writing. Not just writing to post for everyone to see, but generally just for myself.

I process things through written words and forcing myself to form full sentences helps face what’s going on on a deeper level. Whenever I don’t take the time to capture experiences and emotions, I don’t fully internalize them. It’s like the difference between a short-lived henna tattoo and the real deal with all the nerves and pain included.

With that being said I hope to get over my fear of not being good enough at this whole blogging thing in order to reawaken this sleeping beauty right here.

I don’t know how often I will blog from now on, but I want to try to take the pressure out of it in order to let the fun back in.

So please stay tuned and have patience with me. 😉




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