When you’re having one of ‘those days’…

  1. Take a luxurious bath. Bath bomb included.
  2. Slowly slather your whole body in body butter, oil or lotion
  3. Thank your miraculous body for all it’s doing every single day and make a conscious effort to appreciate the body parts that you stuggle with most
  4. Put on your favorite power-outfit
  5. Put on the new outfit that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Make today the special occasion.
  6. Apply perfume
  7. Watch a feel good movie or documentary. My favorite: The Netflix documentary about Iris Apfel
  8. Listen to some music
  9. Pet a puppy
  10. Search for cute animal pics on the internet
  11. Search for funny animal videos on the internet
  12. Call or text a friend
  13. Don’t talk to your most pessimistic family member. Safe that special treat for another day.
  14. Do something nice for someone else
  15. Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure
  16. Get a massage
  17. Read or watch something inspiring
  18. Watch some stand-up comedy
  19. Clean your home
  20. Buy flowers
  21. Light a candle
  22. Take off your bra
  23. Do some yoga
  24. Breathe deeply for two minutes
  25. Open all windows
  26. Clean out your closet
  27. Declutter your home. Basement included.
  28. Journal
  29. Listen to a podcast
  30. Come up with a gratitude list
  31. Start a new book
  32. Pray to whatever higher power you believe in
  33. Spend time in nature
  34. Plan your next tattoo
  35. Drink a cup of tea
  36. Eat some chocolate
  37. Go to bed extra early
  38. Pinterest. Nuff said.
  39. Daydream
  40. Write down a list of three things that you like about yourself





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