In the past several weeks I have become aware of a significant pattern showing up in different parts of my life. Starting from my closet, over life stuff and finally to relationships, I am all about decluttering and getting rid of any and everything I don’t need.

I am not sure if it is due to my recent birthday and all the thinking and stocktaking I did around that time or if it’s the end of the year slowly creeping up on us. All of a sudden I feel this urgent need to get rid of any unnecessary burden and make myself feel free and light.

It started with my closet. Mind you, I already have a pretty minimalistic lifestyle but still there were a few pieces here and there, that just didn’t do it for me anymore but somehow survived past clearings. So one Saturday I went through my whole closet and sorted out the items that didn’t fit my style anymore, were old and worn out or just didn’t bring me any pleasure. And man, when I finally packed a bunch of clothes into big bags and got them out of my home, the feeling of lightness and new-beginning was ridiculously invigorating. Whenever I now open my closet doors the reduced amount of clothing in neat order makes my virgo heart sing.

This feeling of lightness got me thinking about what else I would like to get rid off and soon some loose ends in my academic career came to my mind. There is especially one big but necessary decision I’ve been putting off for years. Literally years that I’ve been dragging some projects along, always with the hope of one day finishing them. What I didn’t think about though during all that time was whether I truly wanted to proceed with those projects.

As I was quietly pondering this huge question in the following weeks, I one day stumbled upon an article centering on this thought: what would you do if you knew that you only had one year of your life left? What changes and most of all where would you make them?

This really got me thinking and hit a nerve as I lost a dear friend a bit more than a year ago and ever since her life has been taken way to early, I have been more aware of the fragility of our stay here.

And to be honest one of the first things that came to my mind were those academic projects that had been unfinished for so long. The more I thought about them, the more I realised that if I had been more courageous in the past I would have abandoned those plans already a long time ago. The only thing standing between the necessary decision and my clinging to those old dreams was my ego. It was tricking me into believing that giving up was making me a failure and my inability visible to everyone around. And you guys, I know how irrational this thought is but still I just wasn’t able to shake off that fear.

Lastly I have come to understand that there is no need to cling to illusions around relationships. No matter if it’s friendships or family ties.

It’s time to cut the old ends and make space for new, juicy beginnings. I believe that as long as physical and/or mental space is being taken up by useless things and thoughts, you’re not able to make enough room for new goodness. I really urge you too to take inventory of all your living space, inside and out and get rid of what is weighing you down. I promise, it really is cathartic and I am super stoked to see what fate puts into the newly won spaces.

Happy decluttering everyone!


And no, this pic doesn’t really have anything to do with this post besides the fact that it makes me feel zen as fuck.




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