My love language and hairless cats

Sharing my thoughts here really is the best. While I am always scared shitless when I hit that “publish” button for fear of people’s judgement, I love it nonetheless and it fulfills me in a way that is hard to put into words.

Every single time I write a new post, I am super nervous. I frantically read – and then re-read – every sentence a thousand times and worry about spelling or grammar errors that will make me look stupid.

One thing that also never changes though is that when I finally hit the button and people take the time to read my words and then reach out to share their own views or experiences, the gratitude I feel is – hands down – one of the best feelings ever and makes all the fear pale in comparison.

The fact that my friends send me pics of them reading my blog or tell me which part they enjoyed the most, gives me all the feels in this world. I guess it’s safe to say that someone taking the time to read what I throw out here is the way to my heart. It’s my love language.

And it’s probably not surprising that this is also how I share my love. If you have a special place in my heart you are probably used to me sending you random texts and tagging you in posts that touch me in one way or another and make me think of you.

Sometimes probably not quite for your pleasure even. One of my best friends has to suffer through at least one naked cat pic a day and I know she HATES it but then again that’s kinda part of the whole deal. (At least for me. ;)) It’s this game we play. I know she despises hairless cats which I love by the way and I will seriously go out of my way to find shots that I know will make her shudder.


That’s what I’m talkin about. Go ahead and tell me that this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve seen for a long time!?



While I may sometimes have a hard time being physically available as I try to do my best to protect my introvert energy and easily feel overwhelmed by several dates in the course of a week, me sending you a text, a quote or tagging you under a great Instagram caption is my maybe pathetic but still loving way of saying that I care.





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